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I am very glad I took this course it help me already in researching other issues.

This course was helpful and informative. I have really learned a great deal in a very short time and I feel like I am ready for my new start in life with what I have learned from this course. I have found the course to be comprehensive and the hands on training was great. I would recommend this course to anyone. Thanks to all teachers and associates.

Christine Escoffery
Real Estate Broker


I believe we can all say that this course has provided invaluable insight into the whole matter of land registration and conveyancing in Jamaica. Over the eight weeks, the course was interwoven with interesting aspects of the history of land ownership, showing us where began as mere chattel that moved from plantation to plantation as slaves, to now having the ability to be our own landowners, an important aspect of any nation’s development. Indeed it was a remarkable journey.

To my fellow Graduates, Kenrick, Bret, Howard, Karlene, Christine, Clover, Chantalle, Faith, Natalee, Vanessa, Kamina, Margaret, Rose, Lonnette, Shelia, and Nordian my Tuesday and Thursday mornings will never be the same and I am sure it won’t be for you either. Our class gelled almost immediately, we were an eager group ready to learn, ready to ask questions and of course ready to speak our minds openly and candidly.
To team NLA, you have a delivered an educational, entertaining, par excellence workshop over the last 8 weeks, thank you for making us feel welcomed, the courtesy, professionalism and friendliness of your staff  at all levels did not go unnoticed… we are your new course ambassadors for 2015!

Nicole K. Roberts LLB, BA, HRBP
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Land Registration and Conveyancing Workshop starts October 10, 2023

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