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TESTIMONIAL 1 | Janet R Simpson, Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS)

My eight  weeks at the conveyance work shop was very much worth it and I would encourage everyone who thinks they know, but know that really don’t  know, and wants to know, to please sign up for this course, you will not regret your hard earned money  that you spent to pay for it.

The course was professionally organized from start to finish. The presenters were well qualified, experts in their fields who were able to deliver the material with much enthusiasm, clarity and thoroughness.

The course was very comprehensive, relevant and current. The hands on which was the practical was an eye opener, it reiterated what was taught and  gave me a better understanding of the whole documentation processes.

I am very grateful for the opportunity to have being a part of this course and will certainly be better at completing my various applications.  






TESTIMONIAL 2 | Alicia Pinnock-Francis, Jamaica National Building Society (JNBS)

A few of my colleagues attended the training course and they highly recommended that I do the same. I am extremely glad that I was given the opportunity to attend because this course is beyond informative. It has surpassed my expectations and with all the information garnered, I must say that not only has it sharpened my knowledge but I was equipped with new found information that I can share with others that will undoubtedly sharpened their knowledge as well.

The National Land Agency and its facilitators are to be applauded for this initiative that they have undertaken and the willingness of the facilitators to assist after the completion of the course "sweetens the deal". The "hands on" sessions are fantastic and you truly get an appreciation for the work done by the NLA.

My recommendation to anyone interested in registering for this course is to go ahead you will not regret it. For those contemplating attending, I say procrastinate no more, it will be worth your while.

My only regret is that I missed two sessions due to reasons beyond my control and my message to future participants is to not miss a session as the course is so design to take you from one level to the next. 

I truly hope that everyone opt to register for this course as it's time well spent with experts that are masters in their field.



TESTIMONIAL 3 | Peta-Gaye Ellington, Legal Officer, Housing Agency of Jamaica Ltd (HAJ); Aleatia Willis, Project Officer, National Housing Trust (NHT); Maureen Walker, Paralegal, The Port Authority of Jamaica; Andrea Weathers-Garcia

It is without a doubt that as Practitioners, we found the National Land Agency’s Land Registration and Conveyancing Workshop to be instructive and beneficial. The facilitators were well prepared and ready to answer questions posed by each participant.

Although at times we felt that we knew all there is to know about Conveyancing, this workshop taught us that there are quite a few things that we didn’t know and reminded us of certain key principles.

Therefore, we are truly grateful to be selected as participants of this workshop.  Based on the interactive sessions and the information obtained; we know when our documents are submitted, there will be no rejections! 

The workshop also afforded us the opportunity to meet and interact with individuals within the legal fraternity and this allowed us to share career ideas and establish friendships. 

Overall, the experience was truly rewarding and we would definitely recommend the Land Registration and Conveyancing Workshop to individuals who intend to lodge documents with the National Land Agency.  




TESTIMONIAL 4 | Marsha Smith, Ernest A. Smith & Company

The Conveyancing seminar has been an excellent introduction to the workings of the legal framework relating to land in Jamaica.  It is of great benefit to new Attorneys-at-Law, the legal support staff and experienced conveyancers






Land Registration and Conveyancing Workshop starts May 14, 2024

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