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Group XXVIII Participants

This course was thoroughly enjoyed by all participants as it was expressed to have far exceeded all our expectations.  We garnered our knowledge in a relaxed yet rigorous environment without the pressures of quizzes or tests which allowed for better focus and understanding of the material which is being presented.

Each presenter was engaging and the sessions highly interactive which allowed for questions and clarification even while not placing pressure on participants.  This technique for training worked very well for most persons in this group.

Group XXVII Participants

Leonnie Marie Campbell | Attorney-At-Law

The Land Registration and Conveyancing workshop has been a life changing experience for me in the practice of land law and to a lesser extent probate and administration.

Group XXV Participants

Carolyn Wright | Attorney at Law

The NLA workshop afforded me the opportunity to learn insightful legal principles and application to enhance my personal development in Conveyancing. I am absolutely apprecicative that I invested my time in attending the workshop, this was a risky investment (time, payment from January 2018 to secure my October 2018 enrollment and participation and hefty registration fee) that I have seen the profits. You should invest too as your returns will be guaranteed!


Group XXIV Participants

Rosalie Bridgemohan | Housing Agency Of Jamaica Limited 

Over the eight weeks (8) this course has provided invaluable insight and history of Land Registration, Conveyance and Land Ownership.  The course was comprehensive, and the hands on training were great. The experience and the walk through were excellent.

The presenters from various departments are vastly Knowledgeable and delivered and displayed high levels of professionalism throughout the course.

Group XXIII Participants

Norman Boswell | National Housing Trust

The workshops and the quality of the material and its delivery represent value for money and money well spent. The Knowledge gain is relevant and very important to aspects of my job as Project Manager in housing development. Additionally, the material /knowledge will equip me with other competencies in Real Estate Dealings.

The workshops were informative and practical.  The presenters explained among other things in detail the reasons for rejection of applications for requests.

Group XXII Participants

Indra Vincent | The Trade Board Limited

Group XXI Participants

Ciaron Walker | Jamaica Bauxite Institute

Group XX Participants


TESTIMONIAL 1 |  Herbert A. Hamilton

I found the course both in content and presentation, an excellent and rewarding experience.

I thank the presenters who, without exception, were knowledgeable in their subject areas, and unfailingly pleasant and courteous.

Group XIX Participants


TESTIMONIAL 1 | Janet R Simpson, Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS)

My eight  weeks at the conveyance work shop was very much worth it and I would encourage everyone who thinks they know, but know that really don’t  know, and wants to know, to please sign up for this course, you will not regret your hard earned money  that you spent to pay for it.



Land Registration and Conveyancing Workshop starts October 10, 2023

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