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TESTIMONIAL 1 |  Herbert A. Hamilton

I found the course both in content and presentation, an excellent and rewarding experience.

I thank the presenters who, without exception, were knowledgeable in their subject areas, and unfailingly pleasant and courteous.

Special thanks is due to Ms Porteous who is not only the conceptualizer of the course but saw to it smooth and efficient implementation.

I consider the course an excellent investment, and will happily recommend it to my colleagues.







TESTIMONIAL 2 | Dorothy C. Lightbourne, Q.C.  

It was an excellent course from which I learnt a lot.

The course content covered areas in which I practice and wanted to improve my expertise.

I found the presenters knowledgeable, helpful and very pleasant.

I enjoyed the course and will continue to recommend it to my colleagues.




Land Registration and Conveyancing Workshop starts May 14, 2024

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