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This course was thoroughly enjoyed by all participants as it was expressed to have far exceeded all our expectations.  We garnered our knowledge in a relaxed yet rigorous environment without the pressures of quizzes or tests which allowed for better focus and understanding of the material which is being presented.

Each presenter was engaging and the sessions highly interactive which allowed for questions and clarification even while not placing pressure on participants.  This technique for training worked very well for most persons in this group.

In terms of content and composition, the course was comprehensive and had great depth with an abundance of relevant information, precedents, handouts and other useful materials.  It contained several dimensions theory, hands-on, practical demonstrations, guidance through precedents and lots of interesting anecdotes which greatly aided the learning process and the use of which was highly effective.

Additionally, most persons had been exposed to some form of conveyancing in their different fields and expressed how relevant the course was as well as how this course served to introduce, fine-tune and clarify a lot where land matters are concerned.

We were all encouraged to network between participants and presenters/facilitators to be more highly effective in our different areas of expertise in our different professions, and this shows forward-thinking by the team at National Land Agency, and said thinking is well appreciated.

The fact that the elevator was out of service for the entirety of the course did not deter or take away from the meaningful meetings, as a matter of fact, the stairs were accredited by all for more toned “lower halfs”!!

On a general note the Organizers’ awareness and to ensure that persons with dietary restrictions were considered and catered to was highly appreciated and went a far way to making us all feel comfortable, included, and ‘at home’. Similarly, and perhaps most importantly, we all greatly appreciated the prayer and invocation offered at the beginning of each session which concretized the fact that we are all part of the same whole.



Land Registration and Conveyancing Workshop starts October 10, 2023

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