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Ciaron Walker | Jamaica Bauxite Institute

I was not thrilled about this course initially and with reluctance, I dragged myself in. To my surprise, the course was everything I did not expect! The course was far from mundane.

Every presenter came with a clear list of objectives that needed to be completed and at times seemed by any means necessary. Each presentation was enlightening: accurate, informative, interesting and the material will prove very useful to my work. The presentation on tenancy in particular was such an eye opener! I was stunned. It opened my eyes to the subtle shades of grey involved in dealing with land matters. I am pleased to have been selected to be a part of this course. To be a part of something greater than what I imagined. I am grateful each presenter brought their best to each class. This speaks volumes of the future and the growth of the National Land Agency.


Nicole James- Kerr | NCB

This was one of the best workshops I have ever attended. I found the training to be very useful and will certainly put some of what I learnt into practice. The program was great in content and excellent in terms networking. The venue, materials & facilitators were excellent.  I would recommend this training to everybody.



Andrea Wilson-Galloway | NCB

Brilliant workshop!  Well organize and very useful information that I can use in both my professional and personal life.  The material was delivered in an excellent manner.  I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone and everyone interested in conveyancing.



Tashna Black | Jamalco

From inception, it has always been my desire to attend The Land Registration and Conveyancing Workshop. However, with several variables such as cost and the expense of traveling to attend what I thought was “just another” workshop, I never applied. Was I in for a pleasant surprise!
Thanks to my Company, I was afforded the opportunity to attend this workshop, which for me was a refresher, having done Land Registration and Conveyancing for over Twenty-five (25) years.  
I was pleasantly surprised upon receiving my timetable, to see various topics that would be presented in just Eight (8) weeks.  The Course outline was comprehensive and was more or a Continuing Seminar than a Workshop.  Within such a timeframe, I’m quite impressed at the ability of the Presenters to deliver a “layman’s” presentation for all to understand in a timely manner.  Most importantly, to the Staff at the NLA for providing us with the Handouts prior to each presentation so we could be prepared to engage in an interactive Forum.
I would like to extend my personal congratulations to Ms. Shalise Porteous and the entire Team for a very educational and professionally done Workshop.  I have no reservations in recommending this Workshop to all.


Andrea R.N. Moore | Moore Eubanks Moore Attorneys-at-law

The Course Work is both extensive and comprehensive. The Format of the Theory which precedes the hands on practical implementation of the critical information for land registration and conveyancing is systematic and quite useful.

As an Attorney-at-Law my goal in the Workshop was achieved wherein the operation of the National Land Agency more specifically the Titles Division and the Land Valuation Office was broken down in great details and the provision of hand outs the day before was instructive to grasp the material presented in the next session. It was also a refresher Course and reminder of how to proceed in land matters to avoid the rejection of applications and the timely completion of application at the first instance!
The Presenters were all knowledgeable of their area and extended an open door approach for future communication to assist the participants which was also rewarding. The Formality of a Graduation and Group Photo Session was intriguing and a pleasant conclusion to the Workshop. The networking was a bonus.
I recommend the Land Registration and Conveyancing Course highly to all persons interested in land matters.

Nicole Thompson | Rosemary Neale Irving Attorneys-at-law

My experience attending the Land Registration and Conveyancing workshop at the office of titles was very educational, during the 8 weeks I have learnt how to put my conveyancing documents together. I have now realized and understand that not doting the "i" and crossing the "t" can resulting in my documents being rejected. The presenters were real good on how they delivered there materials ,the staff were exceptional wonderful and greet u with a warm welcome every Tuesday and Thursday morning .the thank you all for the was hospitality and if I could repeat this course again I would thank you.


Gesselle McKay | Jamalco
The Land Registration and Conveyancing Workshop was quite the learning experience. I started the workshop thinking that I knew enough about land matters and the workshop would only be similar to a refresher training. However, I was pleasantly surprised. The information presented in the workshop was done in such a manner that it would be next to impossible for the participants to forget; theoretical and hands-on sessions were executed with great efficiency and efficacy. I greatly appreciate the learning experience and the opportunity to have met persons who are professionals in the respective fields. NLA, job well done!


McRae Robinson | Lex Caribbean

Having attended the Land Registration and Conveyancing Workshop; I was pleased to say that the content and the delivery of same was well received. I was exposed to the many processes undertaken by the NLA with a view of producing the output we as customers have come to expect and now have a better appreciation of the effort that goes into these tasks by the NLA representatives.



Sheree Lambert | Jamalco

As someone who is not intimately involved in dealing with land matters but one who designs systems to safeguard the efficiency of a process. I am extremely happy for this formal knowledge on how to help my organization to ensure that our process timely delivers on our land matters/obligations. I commend the NLA for this initiative that all applicable organizations must take part in. Kudos!



Monique Cooper | National Housing Trust

I was excited to participate in this workshop when I saw the ad. I work with the RTA but it was always in bits and pieces. The workshop made it simple and easy to understand and the practical examples shared brought the RTA to life. By the end, I had a better understanding overall and I am very happy with the content covered. All of that was topped by the pleasant staff and facilitators. Good job NLA.

Michelle Cousins | Attorney-at-law

I greatly enjoyed the course and found it to be very informative. It is a course that I would recommend to other Attorneys or others that deal primarily with land matters. The course provided solutions and emphasized proper procedures to be taken when submitting documents to NLA to ensure compliancy.

Jody White | Financial Services Commission

I have had the experience of interacting with other government agencies and by far my experience during this programme is right there at the top. A great organization is usually built on the efforts of a passionate and committed staff complement. From observation there is no doubt that the National Land Agency is blessed with such a staff complement and it was evident in the delivery of the programme. I encourage the facilitators of the programme to continue to deliver in their respective areas with the enthusiasm and passion we experienced.



Land Registration and Conveyancing Workshop starts May 14, 2024

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