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Norman Boswell | National Housing Trust

The workshops and the quality of the material and its delivery represent value for money and money well spent. The Knowledge gain is relevant and very important to aspects of my job as Project Manager in housing development. Additionally, the material /knowledge will equip me with other competencies in Real Estate Dealings.

The workshops were informative and practical.  The presenters explained among other things in detail the reasons for rejection of applications for requests.

The presenters and the staff displayed high levels of professionalism throughout the course. I have no objection recommending this course to my colleagues and others.   


Monique Burroughs | National Export-Import Bank of Jamaica 

The workshop has been very interesting and insightful. The presenters appeared to be vastly knowledgeable and delivered the information in such a manner where it was easy to understand for each and every participant. This workshop has helped to broaden my knowledge base and has helped me to understand some of the reasons documents are bounced at the Titles Office.

A greater appreciation is now had when preparing documentations for submission to the National Land Agency. Things that would have been considered small and immaterial are now viewed in a greater light with a higher sense of priority.
I am quite pleased that I was allowed the time and opportunity to participate in this workshop.


Peter Hutchinson | Jamalco

Having completed the Land Registration & Conveyancing Workshop, I now have a better understanding of land ownership and registration matters which will greatly assist me on my job.

The workshop itself was conducted in a professional manner and the presenters were very knowledgeable and exercised patience in answering our many questions. 

I strongly recommend this workshop for anyone dealing with land matters.

Great job NLA.


Yvonne Knight 

I am thankful to the National Land Agency (NLA) for such initiative to have this workshop on conveyancing.  It was an excellent one which really increases my level of confidence; and knowledge on what is expected by the Agency. 

My journey was short but very intense and interesting.  Being new to the field of conveyancing I really didn’t know much and what some of the terms meant.   Having done this Workshop on conveyancing, it is an awesome experience having gained the wealth of knowledge in such short period of time.  The first day was very interesting and exciting and so I looked forward to the next.  The Presenters each day were enthusiastic, very knowledgeable and really presented in such a way that I was anxious for the next session.  They were well prepared and handled the questions very well. 

The different cases referenced were real.  The workshop was detailed and it enlightened me on how to reduce document rejections, as they showcase the efficiency of the new and improved technology-savvy NLA.

The customer service received from the NLA Staff members was exceptional.  I found the NLA staff to be friendly, easy to talk to, efficient and very helpful. 

I would recommend this workshop to my colleagues and anyone who has to conduct business with NLA.  I certainly have a new appreciation for the work done at the NLA.  Thanks … monies and time well spent!


Marjorie R. Williamson | Urban Development Corporation

Knowledge is power and information is liberating.

I am indeed privileged to have taken part in this Conveyancing Workshop.   The broadening of my knowledge base and the application of the principles and procedures learnt will ensure and lead to increased efficiencies.

It behoves other service-oriented agencies to take a page from NLA’s book.  The National Land Agency certainly is a trailblazer in the offering of this Course.  All the presenters were excellent but I must say kudos to Ms. Porteous, for bringing the concept to life.  Well done NLA!



Land Registration and Conveyancing Workshop starts May 14, 2024

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