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Patricia Case
Rubis Energy Jamaica Limited

The workshop was quite interesting and informative.  It served to provide:


  1. a historical background to the land titling system in use by the NLA;
  2. assistance to properly complete forms;
  3. step-by-step demonstration for processing documents; and
  4. link for participants to establish networks among themselves and with NLA personnel.

The knowledge disseminated at the workshop will contribute to a lower rate of rejection will ultimately enhance the efficiency of the Agency and its customers.

The workshop should be marketed mainly to persons involved in conveyancing work.


Testimonial for Talesia Davis
Noranda Bauxite Partners

The Land Registration and Conveyance Work Shop is very relevant to me as a Property officer.  This work shop could not come at a better time.  The course content was well put together.  When I first heard about the workshop I was doubtful that I would not get answers to some questions I stumbled up on during carrying out my duty.  The workshop was structured in a way that every aspect of land transaction was touched, from conveyance – first registration, adverse possession, memorandum, caveats to miscellaneous addition to titles, valuation, surveys and mapping, to product and services offered to make the life of land personnel adept and verse in all facets.  The presenters were well competent and quite knowledgeable in their areas of expertise and were able to deliver the information in a timely fashion.  Permit me to say special thanks to the course coordinator Alcian Crosdale, she did not allow us to go off track she was quite diplomatic and held us to the point at hand.  Keep on doing your good work NLA.


Testimonial for Kherena Edwards
Harrison & Harrison Attorneys-at-Law

I am extremely grateful for having attended the Land Registration and Conveyancing Workshop. I have gained a wealth of knowledge on the processing of land titles and related applications. I especially liked the hands on training as it helped me to develop a better understanding of the operations of the NLA.
The facilitators must be commended for their competency in their respective areas and for their ability to engage the attention of the participants. 
It was a great learning experience and I would definitely recommend this workshop to anyone in the Conveyancing field.

Kherena Edwards


Testimonial for Opal S. Hay-McClure
Real Estate Dealer

Being in the real estate field, I am always encountering issues like lost titles, unregistered properties, adverse possession amongst others for which my advice is always being sorted.  I am a frequent visitor to NLA website for information therefore on one occasion when the NLA workshop advertisement popped-up; I clicked on it to get more information.  I was interested from that moment but it took one year before I was able to apply.  I had no regret the moment the sessions started; they were power-packed!  The knowledgeable and experienced presenters made three hour sessions seemed like one hour!  I now feel more confident to address matters that may arise in the real estate field.  I do hope in the future, to be a part of a team that will assist in registering land parcels throughout Jamaica! 

Thanks to the excellent professional team whose attitude and work ethics should be reflecting in all organizations island wide!


Testimonial for Victor Ziadie

The Land Registration and Conveyancing Workshop is a useful refresher for experienced attorneys and a must for newly qualified ones. It reveals the inner workings of the National Land Agency, their checks and balances, gives practical training in various different areas from Vesting Applications to Foreclosures, and provides an insight on why documents are frequently rejected and how to avoid same. It also gives you the opportunity to present any troublesome conveyancing issue for discussion during the appropriate seminar and to receive the suggestions and at times the assistance of the presenter.

In the presentation on Land Valuation, I discovered that I was being overcharged on my personal property taxes and with the assistance of the presenter the anomaly was corrected and a credit of $116,000.00 received from the Collector of Taxes.

So, apart from the benefit of the theoretical and hands-on training, the Workshop paid for itself before the half-way mark. I highly recommend it.



Land Registration and Conveyancing Workshop starts May 14, 2024

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