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I really appreciate the team work throughout the eight weeks practice; it has helped me to grow educational wise in the area of Conveyance and knowing how the NLA works. I have learned a few things that I did not know and had little knowledge of. The experience and networking was good. The ability to meet the employees of NLA will be extremely beneficial It was very practical and had real life examples to help us get through and understand what was being thought. The Presenters were dynamic, they showed documents and diagrams to make the presentation come alive, and it was well received. Thank you for your thoroughness in presenting the information and professionalism of your delivery.

 Angelisha Allen



When I initially heard of this workshop, I instantly knew that I had to be a participant. I do not regret participating in this workshop as I have garnered a significant wealth of knowledge pertaining to the operations of the NLA. This newly acquired knowledge will ensure that my documents are of a higher standard when I file a registration. I am happy to have participated in this course and also pleased to state that it has been a wonderful experience from beginning to end.

I would like to commend all the presenters for the depth and breadth of the content of their presentations. The implementation of this workshop has certainly been an effective way for the NLA to educate its customers. Additionally, it has provided the framework outlining the acceptable standards which the NLA expects documents to be submitted. This workshop will undoubtedly, facilitate in the ease of preparation of quality documents for processing at the NLA.

I would definitely recommend this workshop to anyone who has to conduct business with NLA.

Zola Clarke
Foga Daley


            I have benefited greatly from participating in this National Land Authority (NLA) Workshop.  I now feel well equipped to maximize my use of the facilities they provide, and to do so with greater efficiency. 
The facilitators have been very well prepared and the quality of the presentations has been excellent. The hands-on component of the workshop has provided useful insight  into the systems used in the processing of documents submitted to the NLA and the careful and precise organization utilized to carry out its complex and diverse functions. 
Additionally, the opportunity the workshop has provided for participants to interact with officers of the NLA within a cordial small-group environment has added the human touch, making the operations of the NLA appear less impersonal and more user-friendly. This has been, indeed, time well spent.  
--Angela Gallimore
February 21, 2012


By Stephanie Hector 

It was great to be a part of the National Land Agency (NLA) Conveyance Workshop for the last eight weeks. The presenters were very knowledgeable about the areas that they work in. The information I received from them was very helpful to me as a Paralegal Assistant and they also showed me the day by day processes in all sections of National Land Agency (NLA). The entire staff was very polite and willing to assist anyone.


The Land Registration and Conveyancing Workshop exposed property practitioners to the intricacies involved in achieving the finished product, be it the production of a new title or the endorsement of property transactions on existing titles.  It allowed participants to understand the importance and synergy of the various Divisions (of NLA) to produce the final product that many believe to be a simple matter.  Instead the hands on aspect of the workshop highlighted that it was indeed a complex process where each department excelled in their niche so clients could retrieve the final product within the promised timeframe. 
Importantly, all this exposure allowed participants to understand their role in the process and facilitated better appreciation for the statutes, rules and regulations when undertaking business with NLA. 

I highly recommend this Workshop as even the most seasoned of practitioners will obtain new knowledge and revise other information which can be immediately put into practice. 

Carolyn Powell-Lee



Land Registration and Conveyancing Workshop starts October 10, 2023

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