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Marohna Isaacs, Paralegal – Grant, Stewart, Phillips & Co. – “When my boss recommended that I participate in the NLA and Conveyancing workshop I was not enthused. I thought as a Paralegal there was not much more that I could learn. However, I am glad and I decided to participate. The Materials presented increased my level of interest and knowledge and I am now ready to continue my work with much more confidence and accuracy. I must commend the presenters on the depth and breadth of the content of their presentations. I would not hesitate to recommend my fellow co-workers and employers to participate in this invaluable exercise.”




Arlene Lindo, legal secretary at Fullerton Delisser & Company, Attorneys-at-Law. It was my employer who recommended the workshop and stated that I will be attending the course. I was happy and gratified at the end of the course because of the wealth of knowledge I have gained with the aid of the NLA Officers. This new found knowledge will help me in minimizing the level of rejections to the National Land Agency and to expedite clients’ application in a more efficient and timely manner. I will also have the ability to share the knowledge gained from the workshop to my fellow colleagues at work and to clients alike. To the National Land Agency, I must say it was a job well done and I am looking forward to the other statutory bodies coming on board with workshops similar to this. I will definitely recommend this program to persons who are interested in entering the legal profession.



Kaymarie E. Matthews, Snr. Credit Administration & Securities Documentation officer Capital & Credit Merchant Bank Ltd., (A Member of the JMMB Group.) I found out about the Land Registration and Conveyancing workshop when I visited the NLA website to download forms. The flyer posted there is rather appealing and persuasive. So after approximately 3 attempts, I was able to secure a space. I embarked on the NLA Registration and Conveyancing Workshop with great expectations and I must say that the presenters have all surpass my expectancy. The course is really compact with invaluable information and the mystery that seemly surrounds the NLA is but a myth. The presenters were fully prepared and tackled our questions and issues with expertise. The hands on sessions were a real eye opener, and I’m confident that after completion, there will be great improvement in the quality of documents lodged for registration and with fewer errors. What I will treasury most about this course is the life long relationships that has started between the presenters and participants. The fact that we now have direct access to the relevant persons who have indicated their willingness to assist even after completion of this course, will result in minimal or no rejection of documents. The brainchild of this workshop is very much in tune with the needs of the customers and is to be applauded along with the presenters. I encourage the other executive agencies to follow the precedent now set by the NLA to have workshops to enlighten their customers so that they will be more aware of the requirements and policies of the Executive Agencies. I strongly recommend and have been recommending this course to persons who having to deal with conveyancing



Land Registration and Conveyancing Workshop starts October 10, 2023

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