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Application to Note Change of Name (Section 80)

An Application to note change of name may be required where a corporation or an individual changes its name from that which is registered on Title to a new name either in accordance with the relevant Legislation which brought the corporation into existence or by deed poll in the case of an individual.

How the Application is Made

The application is by way of a statutory declaration by the applicant which must be attested by a Justice of the Peace or a Notary Public.  A joint proprietor must join in the application.

Application for Replacement of Duplicate Certificate of Title where the Title is either Lost, Destroyed, Damaged or Defaced

An application for replacement of a Certificate of Title is usually made in the following instances:
  1. Where the Title has been lost or destroyed
  2. Where the Title has been stolen
  3. Where the Title has been damaged or defaced.



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An easement is a right granted by an owner of land (servient tenement) to the owner of a parcel of land for the benefit of the land (dominant tenement) to enter and use the land for a non-exclusive purpose, example, a right of way by the owner of a dominant tenement over the servient tenement.

There are four (4) essential conditions required to be satisfied in order to create an easement.

Orders For Recovery Of Possession, Land Or Estate

Under Section 158 of the Registration of Titles Act the court may direct the Registrar of Titles to:
  • Cancel/amend any Certificate of Title or instrument or any entry in the Register Book;
  • To issue a new Certificate of Title in the name of specified persons or substitute such title, instrument or entry;

Why Conduct a Title Search?

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Persons dealing with an owner of registered title must conduct a Title search at the Office of Titles/Land Titles Division of the National Land Agency to verify the ownership of the title and any encumbrances and so protect oneself against improper dealing before completion of any sale or loan.


Restrictive Covenant

Download this document: RCovenant.pdf
Restrictive Covenant

Restrictive covenant is a solemn agreement between a Vendor and Purchaser where the purchaser covenants with the vendor of land that he will not do certain acts in respect of the land and which enure for the benefit of the vendor.



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