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Changes of Ownership or Possession

In order to effect a change of Ownership or Possession on the Valuation Roll, two (2) duly executed Notice of Change of Possession forms (TR1 forms) must be submitted, one completed by the transferee (purchaser) and the other by the transferor (vendor), current mailing address, address of subject property, purchase price, etc. The signature of each applicant must be witnessed by a Justice of the Peace or Collector of Taxes.

Procedures for Making Changes to the Valuation Roll

The requirements for making changes to the Valuation Roll are, in general, based on the provision of suitable proof to support the action requested.

Where Do I Go to Make Changes to the Valuation Roll?

Matters relating to the Valuation Roll are processed at the following National Land Agency locations:

Head Office
8 Ardenne Road 
Kingston 10
Telephone 978-2181-7
Fax: 978-7205

Mandeville Regional Office
(next door to the Golf View Hotel)
G1-G5 Golf View Shopping Centre
Caledonia Road
Mandeville, Manchester
Tel: 962-4261
Fax: 962-9293

Death of Landowner

Upon receipt of legal proof of the death of a person named on the Valuation Roll, that death will be noted by appending the word “ESTATE” to the Surname.

In cases where the landowner is dead, requests for changes of ownership or possession can only be made if the request is accompanied by proof that the applicant has the authority to deal in the land. Such proof includes a Probated Will or Letters of Administration.

Reasons for Making Changes to the Valuation Roll

Where any information on the Valuation Roll has changed, for example, in cases of a name change or a change of mailing address, or where any error has been detected on a notice printed from Valuation Roll information, the National Land Agency must be advised of the need to update the Roll.

What is the Valuation Roll?

The Valuation Roll is a record of data relating to all parcels of land in Jamaica, maintained primarily to support the property tax system. It contains data on parcels covered by registered titles and those that are unregistered. The Valuation Roll data relates to matters such as Ownership, Possession, Mailing Address, Property information including title reference (volume and folio numbers), location, size, value, and land use.


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