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Referral of Matters from the Land Administration and Management Division to the Adjudication Secretariat of the Adjudication Services Division

There are two types of applications that can be referred to the Adjudication Secretariat.
They are:

  • Applications for First Registration where the root of title cannot be established and;
  • Applications by Adverse Possession.

Applications can be submitted to the Land Administration and Management Division by:

  • Private citizens
  • Geoland Title Limited
  • Attorneys-at-Law

CLICK HERE to access the document for further information on the referral process and the documents required for submission.



How to obtain a waiver of Subdivision Approval pursuant to the Special Provisions Act?

Where a parcel of land is taken from a larger portion of land, the presumption is that the land has been subdivided and subdivision approval pursuant to the Local Improvements Act is required from the requisite  Municipal Corporation. 

However, pursuant to Section 5 of the Registration of Titles Cadastral Mapping and Tenure Clarification (Special Provisions) Act a landowner can obtain a subdivision waiver once certain criteria has been met. These include:

  • Prima facie ownership of the property evident by the Land Owner furnishing an Indenture, Receipts, Probated Will, Letters of Administration, Deed of Gift, Certificate of Title, Adjudication Certification and Certificate of Compliance.
  • Informal subdivision has been in existence for at least 7 years
  • Established access to the property


Why would a landowner require a waiver of subdivision approval?

To ground an application for title by First Registration and to effect a part of land transfer.


What documents are required to support an application for a waiver of subdivision approval?

  • Completed application form
  • Proof of ownership
  • Approved survey diagram or cadastral map.
  • Surveyor’s Statutory Declaration if the survey diagram or cadastral map is over seven years
  • Property Tax Advice or Up to date Certificate of Payment of Taxes
  • Copy Certificate of Title (if applicable)




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